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When beginning your course, register as a NEW STUDENT with a password not previously used

At this time, the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department requires it’s CCW holders and applicants to do the entire CCW training in person. 

Powers Firearms Training is pleased to announce a new training format wherein you may take the law and safety portion of your C.C.W. initial or renewal class in an online format.  Once you complete the online portion of your course you must then at your availability attend the range qualification portion of your initial class.

This convenient, multi-agency approved online course features:

  • Opportunity to complete the course from the privacy of your home or office
  • Course is completed at your comfortable pace
  • Short tests at most segments help solidify the learning experience
  • Features professional videography
  • Once the online course is completed, you then schedule your range qualification (see available range courses).
  • For range qualification, please bring all of the firearms you wish to list on your permit and a sufficient number of rounds of ammunition to meet your agency qualifications, eye/ear protection and a holster or case for the gun
  • Registration and payment is simple and easy to do through the course portal.
  • There is a handout available for printout at the upper center of the screen under “Course Resources”
  • You may watch the course again for up to 180 days after you complete the course.

If you are ready to begin the classroom online portion of your initial or renewal CCW training, please CLICK HERE.

For additional information regarding how to obtain a CCW permit for the first time, please see our Concealed Carry (CCW) First Time Application information.

For additional information regarding how to renew your CCW permit, please see our Concealed Carry (CCW) Renewal information.