Concealed Carry (CCW) Renewal

Online Course Portal

In addition to our traditional class format, Powers Firearms Training is pleased to announce a new training format wherein you may take the law and safety portion of your C.C.W. renewal class in an online format.  Once you complete the online portion of your course you must then at your availability attend the range qualification portion of your renewal class.

This convenient Kern County Sheriff’s Department approved online course features:

  • Opportunity to complete the course from the privacy of your home or office
  • Course is completed at your comfortable pace
  • Short tests at most segments help solidify the learning experience
  • Features professional videography
  • Once the online course is completed, you then schedule your range qualification (see available range courses).
  • For range qualification, please bring all of the firearms you wish to list on your permit and a sufficient number of rounds of ammunition to meet your agency qualifications, eye/ear protection and a holster or case for the gun
  • Registration and payment is simple and easy to do through the course portal.

If you are ready to begin the classroom online portion of your CCW renewal, please CLICK HERE.



County Courses of Fire

Kern County Sheriff

Kern County Sheriff CCW minimum qualification course:

  • 4 rounds – two hand shooting @ 5 yards
  • 2 rounds – one hand shooting with the left hand @ 5 yards
  • 2 rounds – one hand shooting with the right hand @ 5 yards
  • 4 rounds – two hand shooting at 7 yards

Total rounds fired for each gun you want to qualify with is 12 rounds.

(Instructors may have shooters fire all rounds at 7 yards)

Mono County Sheriff Permits

Mono County Sheriff CCW minimum qualification course:

Distance (yards) Rounds (Total 30rounds)

  • 1.5 yds.                5 rounds
  • 3 yds.                   5 rounds
  • 5 yds.                   10 rounds
  • 7 yds.                   5 rounds
  • 10 yds.                5 rounds
  • Passing score is 70%
  • Target Dimensions: 12 inches x 16 inches

Inyo County Sheriff Permits

Inyo County Sheriff’s Office CCW minimum qualification course:

  • Must qualify with each firearm the applicant is requesting carry on the permit.
  • FBI-Q Target or equivalent.
  • The recommended minimum qualification course will be 27 rounds
    • 3 Yards: 3 rounds to target.\
    • 5 Yards: 3 rounds from “gun hand” & 3 rounds from “support hand” to target.
    • 7 Yards: Two “failure drills” to target.
    • 10 Yards: 8 rounds to target.
    • 15 Yards: 1 round to target in 12 seconds, repeat for a total of 4 times.
  • Shooters will be permitted to reload as needed.
  • The passing score is 75% which equals missing 7 rounds outside the bottle outline on a standard FBI-Q target or its equivalent.

Tulare County Sheriff

Tulare County Sheriff CCW minimum qualification course:

  • In order to certify a certain handgun, the student must fire the maximum amount of rounds the weapon holds. This does not including a round in the firing chamber.
  • Half of the total bullets (or 50%) from one full magazine or one full cylinder must hit the target from at least the seven (7) yard mark.
  • There will be no time requirement to discharge rounds or move through the exercise.
  • There will be no drawing or holstering requirement as there is no mandate for CCW holders to holster firearms.
  • Students must qualify with each firearm they wish to conceal and carry.

Station 1)            Full magazine or cylinder from 7 yards at 50% success