Our Pricing Structure has been changed due to the class structure mandated by changes in state law.


Initial Class – $ 275.00

Renewal Class – $150.00

Arizona Certification – No Charge with any California CCW class

Private Instruction

Private Firearms Instruction – $80.00/hr

Please note: there are restrictions upon the number of people allowed in a private instruction classes. These restrictions provide a positive and enhanced learning environment. Additional fees may apply based upon the number of students.  Range fees and targets are generally provided during individual firearms training.  Please email Becky for details.

Active and Retired Peace Officer Qualifications

Retired and Active Officer Qualifications – $30.00

Security Professionals

INITIAL GUARD CARD CLASS – not offered at this time

Initial Security Firearms 2 day Class – $220.00
Requalification Security Firearms Card Class – $55.00 for the 1st gun + $15.00 for each additional caliber qualified. 

Note: Should the Security Professional fail to qualify upon the first attempt, the shooter will be given one additional attempt at no charge.  Further attempts to qualify will be charged $15.00 per further attempt during that session.  Should the security professional need to come back upon another day, the requalification attempt will be charged at $45.00, further attempts as previously outlined.

Fee to re-create certificates and firearms re-qualification paperwork – $30.00