Range Session – Online INITIAL CCW student

This course is for students who have completed the Initial CCW Online course.  Here is the link if you need to do the online course: https://powersfirearmstraining.com/courses/online-courses/

Thank you for enrolling in a Powers Firearms Training Corporation training opportunity. You will need to bring each of your firearms that you’d like to have on the permit and 100 rounds of ammunition for the first gun.  You will need an additional 12 rounds per each additional gun for the qualification.   Also bring eye/ear protection and a holster or case for the gun. Your fee for this range session was covered by your online course payment. Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding this class. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your patronage.



Venue Website:

20238 Woody Rd., Bakersfield, California, 93308, United States

  •  October 21, 2023
     2:15 pm - 5:00 pm