Shotgun Training

Defensive Shotgun Clinic

Skillset Focus

Defensive Shotgun: prepping/staging the shotgun for home defense; use of birdshot, buckshot, and slug rounds for different needs; loading the shotgun under stress; use of cover; and multiple target drills.


No pre-requisites.

Equipment Needed

– Firearm: A reliable shotgun which fits the shooter properly.  The participant must have the physical strength to use the firearm for the duration of the course.  The participant must have the strength to use that shotgun for the duration of the course. (loaner firearms are available upon request)

– Ammunition: 95 rounds = 75 rounds inexpensive birdshot, 10 rounds buckshot, 10 rounds slug (approximate)

– Sling: a sling may be helpful but is not necessary

– Shell Carrier: a “shell vest” or pouch will be helpful

– Eye and Ear protection: “loaners” are available at class

– Clothing: Weather appropriate. Low-cut tops are problematic and a “billed” cap is very helpful. Attendee’s may be shooting from duress positions such as laying upon the ground, sitting, and moving.  (We will accommodate any physical limitations)

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