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In addition to our traditional class format, Powers Firearms Training is pleased to announce a new training format wherein you may take the law and safety portion of your C.C.W. initial class in an online format.  Once you complete the online portion of your course you must then at your availability attend the range qualification portion of your initial class.

This convenient Kern County Sheriff’s Department approved online course features:

  • Opportunity to complete the course from the privacy of your home or office
  • Course is completed at your comfortable pace
  • Short tests at most segments help solidify the learning experience
  • Features professional videography
  • Once the online course is completed, you then schedule your range qualification (see available range courses).
  • For range qualification, please bring all of the firearms you wish to list on your permit and a sufficient number of rounds of ammunition to meet your agency qualifications, eye/ear protection and a holster or case for the gun
  • Registration and payment is simple and easy to do through the course portal.

If you are ready to begin the classroom online portion of your initial CCW training, please CLICK HERE.

California Concealed Weapons Permit

Local agencies require those applicants who have been approved for a concealed weapons permit, to complete a one day course of instruction. This course covers subjects which include the legal, moral and ethical issues regarding the use of a firearm for self defense, range qualification, and firearms safety. Attendees should expect to bring the required equipment for the class, listed below. The range portion of the class is, philosophically speaking, more of a training approach and less of a qualification mandate. Range activities proceed slowly and we spend time working on skill building activities in order to help you feel confident in handling your firearm. However, keep in mind that we are evaluating you and our experience has been that you will qualify if you take the “training” portion of the range seriously. If needed, we can have you come back for additional range sessions until you are able to meet the standards. This class meets new mandatory State of California requirements for 16 hours of training for the Initial CCW permit.

Some students take this class purely for the information and the training offered and have no intention of applying for a concealed weapons permit. However, if you are applying for a permit through the Kern County Sheriff’s Department, you are strongly encouraged to apply for the permit prior to taking the class. Taking the class before applying for the permit does not help you in the approval process nor does it guarantee that you will be approved for the permit. Also, the class certificate is honored by the Sheriff for 90 days after taking the class. If you take your class first, you have only 90 days within which you must get the application approved by the Sheriff. If your application process takes longer than the 90 days the certificate is valid, you must re-certify your training.

Other agencies have different rules regarding applying for the permit, you should check with your agency regarding this process.

Equipment Needed

  • Firearm: a reliable handgun either pistol or revolver (loaner firearms are available upon request)
  • Ammunition: 150 rounds (minimum)
  • Magazines/Speed loaders: 2 magazines/speed loaders are required
  • Eye and Ear protection: “loaners” are available at class
  • Clothing: Weather appropriate. Low-cut tops are problematic and a “billed” cap is very helpful. The range portion will be held at a covered shooting area.

Multi-State Permits

We are happy to certify your Arizona permit, at no extra charge, whenever you are taking one of our California CCW classes. Please let us know at check-in that you wish an Arizona certification.

Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit

The Arizona permit is recognized or reciprocal in approximately 30 states. As a California resident you may obtain an Arizona permit, and you do not have to travel to Arizona in order to take a class nor to submit your application for a carry permit from Arizona.

You may obtain an Arizona CCW application via their website:

The permit is a 5 year permit.

Their fee: $60.00

Our Fee: NO FEE – if you are certifying for a Renewal or Initial CCW class

You must document training which may include any of the following:

  • Completion of any National Rifle Association firearms safety or training course.
  • Evidence of current military service or proof of honorable discharge or general discharge under honorable conditions from the United States armed forces. (DD-214)
  • A valid current or expired concealed weapon, firearm or handgun permit or license that is issued by another state or a political subdivision of another state and that has a training or testing requirement for initial issuance. (Arizona will not honor a California permit as proof of training absent certain qualifiers)
  • Completion of any other firearms training that the department of public safety deems acceptable. (we will provide you with proof of training when you take your renewal or initial class with us and upon request)

CCW recognition and Reciprocity information may best be obtained from:

Florida Concealed Weapons Permit

The State of Florida will generally honor our renewal and initial class format as proof of training. We have Florida packets available at no charge upon request.

Class Locations

Bakersfield / Kern County area

Bishop / Tulare County / Inyo County area

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Upcoming Renewal Classes – now available Online.

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CCW Renewal Class- IN PERSON 5 Dogs Range - Bakersfield, Ca.
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