Defensive Handgun Clinic III – Dynamic Handgun

Defensive Handgun Clinic III: Dynamic Handgun

Skillset Focus

Dynamic Handgun Skills: the handgun as in a variety of defensive applications; the principles of trigger focused shooting; holster use; transitions between multiple targets, use of cover; movement; duress shooting positions; malfunction clearance drills; and reloading the handgun under stress.


This is not a basic handgun course and the participant should have a working knowledge of their chosen handgun.  Attendee’s should be able to hit a standard paper plate at 7 yards, more times than not, and be able to draw the handgun from a holster safely upon demand.  Attendee’s musthave completed our Defensive Handgun Clinic II or have equivalent experience and training before enrolling in this course.

Equipment Needed

– Firearm: a reliable defensively oriented handgun either pistol or revolver (loaner firearms are available upon request)

– Ammunition: 300 rounds (approximate)

– Holster: a solid holster of “plastic” or leather construction.

– Magazines/Speed loaders: 3 magazines/speed loaders are required

– Eye and Ear protection: “loaners” are available at class

– Clothing: Weather appropriate. Low-cut tops are problematic and a “billed” cap is very helpful. Attendee’s may be shooting from duress positions such as laying upon the ground, sitting, and moving.  (We will accommodate any physical limitations)


Venue Website:

20238 Woody Rd., Bakersfield, California, 93308, United States

  • August 10, 2019
    8:00 am - 11:00 am